Sprinting for Furniture

Saturday, June 27, the Herman Miller Criterium overtook the block around Van Andel Area. Surrounded by spectators and Gran Fondo Finishers, the City Hub Cyclery team put on a good show in the Category 4, 5, and Women’s races.


In the Women’s Race, Heather Goss and Riley Missel worked hard in the field, attacking and sprinting for chair primes, finishing 3rd and 4th in the Womens 1/2/3 field. Julia was rad for being out there.



podiumIn the Mens Category 4 race, Daniel Shamburger raced well in a competitive field, doing lots of work to chase down attacks, keeping it together until the final sprint and earning himself 10th place. 
cat 4


The Trooper of the Day Award, however, goes to Marshal Evans after his post-finish crash in the Category 5 race. He crossed the line for third in the final sprint and unfortunately had another rider swerve into him and send them both flying. His wheel, forearms, and bibs were toast, but he kept a smile on afterwards, cheering on his teammmates in a tattered chamois. You rock, dude.



It was an awesome day! Thanks to Mike Troccko for coming out and taking these awesome pictures, and to everyone else who came out to watch and cheer on the City Hub Cyclery Race Team!