Taking a Breath at Bloomer Park

There’s nothing like having a track all to yourself. Yesterday, my friend CJ and I went to ride the velodrome at Bloomer Park, and we rolled up to an empty parking lot. Too perfect! We were stoked.


We stood between the doors of her green Fiesta, slipped into our chams, and pushed our bikes to the apron. It’s a small track with tight turns, so we zipped and dove up and down the wall. It’d been awhile since either of us had ridden the wooden boards, and it was better than a roller coaster.
We rode in circles together, catching up on the gossip and life. No intervals, no scoreboard, no Garmin. Just pedaling with a friend on a sunny day, for the pure joy of cruisin’ the boards. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

When was the last time you left the HR monitor and workout plan at home? When did you just ride your bike to feel the wind in your hair and the earth beneath you? Cycling isn’t just good for you body- it’s good for your soul! Don’t forget to allow yourself the freedom and fun that draws us all to cycling in the first place. Ride on.

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