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Off-the-Bike Details with On-the-Bike Benefits

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Learn the secrets of cycling studs like these guys.

Learn the secrets of cycling studs like these guys.

1. Take in recovery fuel: Within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, your muscles begin repairing themselves and making gains from the training you just put them through. You need to fuel this process ASAP by replenishing your carbohydrate stores and feeding your muscles protein to grow stronger. This will facilitate larger gains from the workout, as well as making sure your body is prepared for your next ride. There are lots of mixes and drinks out there that offer the perfect carb-sugar-protein ratio in order to help you recover more efficiently- but good old fashioned chocolate milk does the trick too.

2. Dust off your foam roller: Drag that painful cylinder out of the closet and loosen up those tight quads. Foam rolling helps flush your muscles of lactic acid after a workout, as well as offering an intense massage that loosens the muscles in order to help them fire more efficiently (and comfortably) on the bike. Check out this video on how to do it properly here.

3. Get to bed already: Most of your muscle repairing and recovery goes on while you sleep! Give your body the rest and rejuvenation it needs and get at least 8 hours of shut-eye.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: this is a factor too often overlooked by cyclists. We remember to down a bottle an hour while we’re riding, but what about before we roll out of the driveway? It’s necessary to drink half your weight in ounces of water (if you weigh 120 lbs, drink 60oz of water) daily, in addition to what you drink on the bike to stay hydrated. In the 72 hours leading up to a big event, hydration is crucial! If you wait til the morning of the even to start sipping, it’s too late. Preload your rides and races (especially hot ones!) with plenty of water all day, erryday. If it’s going to be especially hot, throw some electrolytes in there too.

5. Get down, dog: treat your body to some yoga! You don’t need to be bendy or enlightened to reap the benefits of this ancient practice. Just bring a mat and an open mind to a beginner class like one of these. Yoga aids in injury prevention, core strength, body awareness, and self-confidence, all of which are beneficial to cyclists.

6. Eat good, clean-burning fuel: Yeah, put down that Big Mac. You know better than that! Lean protein, healthy fat (like nuts, avocado, and flax seed), unprocessed carbohydrates, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit give you what you need. Splurge every so often for sure, but don’t load up on greasy, processed food before a ride if you can help it.

7. Watch your beer intake: Corona consumption preoccupies your liver with metabolizing the alcohol and slows the recovery process. And although it has a solid amount of carbs to replenish your glycogen stores post-ride, the alcohol is a diuretic, which will leave you more dehydrated than you were before.

8. Take a day off: mentally and physically! Give yourself a break at least once a week and do something else active you enjoy like hiking or playing frisbee. It pays to keep your mind and body fresh off the bike- and when you get back on, you’ll be ready to go!

Leave it be...and come back to it faster!

Leave it be…and come back to it faster!

Das Tour de Frankenmuth

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This past Saturday, the City Hub Cyclists crossed the state to Zehnder’s das Tour de Frankenmuth in a little town known for it’s German heritage and chicken dinners. After some long, battles on the windy course, we managed to sprint into a few top 10 finishes! Heather Goss rode hard and smart in the field for a 4th place finish in the Women’s Category 3.

Daniel Shamburger, a freshly upgraded Category 4 racer, wasted no time and attacked the field early, earning the 3rd step on the podium. Marshal Evans snagged 6th in the Men’s Category 5 race and Terry Collins rode well for a respectable finish in the Men’s Category 4 race as well.

Shamburger, focused and determined in the final sprint in a large Cat 4 field

Shamburger, focused and determined in the final sprint in a large Cat 4 field

An amazing ride followed by spending our payout on fried chicken- just couldn’t be beat!

Lean and mean: don't mess with these CHC riders in a sprint!

Lean, Mean, Speed Machines

Taking a Breath at Bloomer Park

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There’s nothing like having a track all to yourself. Yesterday, my friend CJ and I went to ride the velodrome at Bloomer Park, and we rolled up to an empty parking lot. Too perfect! We were stoked.


We stood between the doors of her green Fiesta, slipped into our chams, and pushed our bikes to the apron. It’s a small track with tight turns, so we zipped and dove up and down the wall. It’d been awhile since either of us had ridden the wooden boards, and it was better than a roller coaster.
We rode in circles together, catching up on the gossip and life. No intervals, no scoreboard, no Garmin. Just pedaling with a friend on a sunny day, for the pure joy of cruisin’ the boards. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

When was the last time you left the HR monitor and workout plan at home? When did you just ride your bike to feel the wind in your hair and the earth beneath you? Cycling isn’t just good for you body- it’s good for your soul! Don’t forget to allow yourself the freedom and fun that draws us all to cycling in the first place. Ride on.

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Heather Goss on Grattan Racing

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Photo: Aric Dershem

Photo: Aric Dershem

City Hub Cyclery rider Heather Goss zips around the Grattan Race Track, gliding through corners and shooting up climbs with determination, grit, and grace. There’s no prize money or roaring crowds, but the personal payout is more worthwhile to her than any of that.

Heather speaks on the benefits of putting her power to the pedals on this 2 mile track in Belding, Mi throughout her summer racing season.

Heather’s spent quite a few Wednesday nights throwing down in the ‘B’ race getting some full-throttle training and race-skill practice.

“Grattan is longer and faster than most of my sanctioned crits,” she says. “And I’m pretty much spent by the end when they tend to pick it up a notch.”

It’s a great setting for riders of to experiment and learn more about bike racing. Heather takes the opportunity to focus on conservation (an essential skill for fast-paced, long races) so she’s relatively fresh for the final surge to the finish.

The intensity and speed is what draws Heather to these races, but it also adds a little more risk to racers.
“Grattan is the best training you’ll get for the real race day but just like in a real race there’s a higher risk of getting caught in a crash,” she notes.

Her advice to someone looking to dip their cleats into some training crits?
“Make sure you are comfortable riding in a larger group and get ready to go fast!”

Look for Heather’s blond ponytail out on the track this week- as a season pass holder, she’ll be there shredding every Wednesday until end of August, weather permitting!

City Hub Fort Custer Stampede

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Top Step of the Clydesdales goes to Mike Troccko!

Top Step of the Clydesdales goes to Mike Troccko!

Jen jones 1st women’s sport
Michael Wear 2nd – men’s beginner
Chad Hutchison – 3rd men’s Sport
Robert Martin – 6th men’s Sport
Mike Troccko – 1st Clydesdale beginner
Bill (new guy) – 17th Sports

It was a weekend for shredding trail and kicking booty. City Hub Cyclery racers were all over the podium this weekend!

Jen Jones – 1st Women’s Sport

Michael Wear – 2nd  Men’s Beginner

Chad Hutchison – 3rd Men’s Sport

Robert Martin – 6th Men’s Sport

Mike Troccko – 1st Clydesdale Beginner

Bill Hoyer – 17th Men’s Sport

We'll drink to that.

We’ll drink to that.